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“Hiring us doesn't cost, it pays”

Jason Vanderkruk - Owner

Vivid Vision

It's 2024, We are doing annual sales of 60 million and are on track to hit 1 billion in the near future. We've revolutionized the landscape and construction industry and are pioneering new technologies and systems that will replace the old way of doing things, placing the power back into the private sectors. We believe and trust that our partners are highly skilled in their respective fields and we allow them to do what they do best without micro managing because we all have the same mission.


I am becoming my most personal excellent version, I resemble a hybrid version between Batman and Superman a new kind of superhero. I've committed everything that I have to offer to get here. I've gone to hell and back to get to this moment and I'm experiencing heaven on earth because I chose to love myself. I am light and an example for those around me. My legacy is to change the world for the next generation, leaving this place better than when I got here.


The media have come full circle, they now tell about all the amazing things we are doing with our partners to change the world. They have all been completely replaced and only speak of the truth. They give us positive reviews and free attention to help propel our mission globally.


Our clients are passionate about the mission, collectively we are changing lives, we are changing the education system, helping small businesses, changing how and what we eat, and impacting the next generation by empowering them to step into their true superpowers. We are traveling the world extending life expectancy through health and mental toughness. We are teaching and instilling discipline in all areas of life, all for the glory of GOD.


My family has now understood the crusade I have been on and they now love me for who I truly am. They have finally accepted and believe in me but expect more of me. They have changed their own lives as a result and are doing amazing things in their communities. My children are proud of me for going after my God-sized dreams and are recognized wherever they go. They are following in my footsteps, impacting the world in ways I never even thought possible, I am so proud of them.


I have invested my entire body and soul to get here, implementing the power of one more into everything that I do. I have taken back my mind and my spirit. I have fought the battle of my mind and won every single day. I have dedicated my existence to getting here just to understand that this is just the start of a fulfilling life full of purpose and together with my partners we will leave a greater impact for generations, we write our own history books to tell the truth of what has taken place. 

Our Core Values

  • TRUTH - We operate from a place of truth no matter how difficult the situation you can trust that we have your best interest in mind. We ask our clients to be transparent in our dealings as we reciprocate the same core values

  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE - We lead by example not just in business but in life, we are choosing to be an example in our industry which isn't the popular choice but we believe so deeply in what we do and the service we provide that we are willing to push through all setbacks in order to elevate ourselves and our standards higher

  • BE DISCIPLINED - We are disciplined to stay self-motivated throughout the entire process of design to construction right down to maintenance. We want to know all the facets of this industry in order to improve upon them

  • BE RESPONSIBLE - We accept responsibility for our actions and our words. If things go wrong or miscommunications happen we look to right them and do not shift the blame on others as we see every setback as an opportunity to grow and sharpen our problem-solving skills

  • BE A LIFETIME STUDENT - We never stop learning both in business and in life

  • BE SELFLESS - Whenever possible we look to give back and help others with their life and business goals

  • BE GRATEFUL - We are grateful for every opportunity as we know all our blessings have been graciously given to us for free in order to impact and shape the world uniquely with them, we take this very seriously as we believe this is what we have been put here to do during this lifetime

  • BELIEVE - We believe that everything happens for a reason, negative or positive outcomes are totally dependent on how we handle the situation and whether or not we can find the lesson to be learned through it.

  • DREAM - We dream to create a better world through our design solutions but to also breathe life into the dreams of our clients

  • CREATE - We design each property uniquely which allows us to diversify our design styles

  • LOYALTY - We fully commit ourselves to our clients and our craft, we expect the same kind of relationship with our clients, suppliers, and contractors. Without our network we would not be able to do what we do best, we believe this defines our success

Our Services

LANDSCAPE PACKAGE: Our packages include all relevant plans needed to take your project from concept to reality. We work closely with a hand-selected network to ensure your project transitions seamlessly.

VISUALIZATION PACKAGE: We design and develop our concepts in 3D to ensure all factors of the design are observed. We believe the importance of this process is overlooked in our industry. This process allows us to choose different material finishes, colours, and even furnishings. (**Must opt-in for the landscape package to qualify, this is part of the workflow**)

PERMIT PACKAGE: Our packages take care of all the permitting needs, we have a select group of consultants who work hard to help us bring the vision to life. 

FURNISHING PACKAGE: When contracts are signed for construction we connect you with our consultants who will walk you through all the site-furnishings, we explore these options in 3D. 

CONSULTING: At the request of our clients we are available for on-site meetings

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